It’s not what we do for a living that matters as much as the quality, love, and wisdom that we bring to our daily actions.

I can help you engage with your energy wisely!

When we do that, we inhabit our life more fully, show up wholeheartedly for the people we love, and offer the best of ourselves to the world.

I want to help people live their fullest expression, without losing themselves.

morning meditation, a really good latte, messaging friends

daily rituals

in the ocean, coaching clients in my office under an oak tree, making tacos with my family


closed spaces, cold drafts, traveling fast


veggie gardening, bees, trees, moving my body, opening up

I'm about

My effort was out of balance and so was I. I was at odds with my deeply held values and commitments, and I felt a nagging disconnect between how I was acting and who I wanted to be. Like you, I had tapped into my last reserves and knew that if I was going to continue in this direction, it was not going to be good. That’s what led me on the journey to wise effort.

In my search to help clients, I've turned to therapeutic, spiritual and contemplative practices. I was interested in yoga so I studied at a yoga ashram. I wanted to be more present so I studied the teachings of zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. I was intrigued by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy so I became an international trainer in it. These deep dives put me in a unique position to teach from an embodied space of personal practice, not just an intellectual one.  

At the same time, I neglected sources of energy that were readily available and regenerative–like my relationships, the awe of a sunrise, and my own inner wisdom.

Like you, I was once trapped in an outdated paradigm when it came to my energy. I crammed my life with achievements and tasks, in hopes I would get to a place where I could feel like I was doing enough; meanwhile I leaned on supplies of energy that were unsustainable–other people’s approval, accolades, and people pleasing to keep up the pace.

"Thank you for everything you give: for your teachings, wisdom, passion, compassion, and generosity to share all these valuable resources—I truly appreciate it all."


so they say: