Getting Out of Your Own Way With Jenny Schatzle (Real Play)

February 26, 2024

Sometimes, the biggest barrier to living up to your values is you. In this real play, fitness instructor and CEO of Bond Fitness, Jenny Schatzle, shares her mission to change […]

Getting Out Of Your Own Way Real Play with Jenny Schatzle
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Diana Hill, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, international trainer, and sought-out speaker on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and compassion


Sometimes, the biggest barrier to living up to your values is you. In this real play, fitness instructor and CEO of Bond Fitness, Jenny Schatzle, shares her mission to change diet culture and help moms radically accept their bodies. Diana Hill uses ACT and compassion-focused interventions to help uncover and transform the hidden barriers to making Jenny’s mission a reality.

In this episode, Dr. Diana Hill demonstrates.

  • How to uncover client values
  • The three common barriers to taking committed action toward your dreams
  • A self-compassion visualization to uncover your wisest self
  • How therapists can have a big impact on your clients in a short period of time

“I think I got more out of that one session than in years of therapy.” -Jenny Schatzle

About Jenny Schatzle

Meet Jenny Schatzle, an influential speaker and coach who guides individuals toward personal and professional excellence. With a proven track record in corporate speaking engagements, she brings a fresh perspective to empower audiences to maximize their potential and lead more fulfilling lives. For over 20 years, Jenny has been at the forefront of transforming mindsets within health, business, and personal growth. She delivers impactful talks and workshops, challenging traditional norms and fostering a culture of self-empowerment, resilience, and authentic leadership. She is an author, mother of twins, speaker, and business owner. Her book, “Breaking the Cycle,” uncovers the root of many toxic cycles we find ourselves in and offers advice on how to break the chain.

About Diana Hill

Diana Hill, PhD is a clinical psychologist, international trainer and sought-out speaker on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and compassion. Host of the podcast Wise Effort and author of The Self-Compassion Daily Journal, ACT Daily Journal, and the upcoming book Wise Effort, Diana works with organizations and individuals to develop psychological flexibility so that they can grow fulfilling and impactful lives. Integrating her over 20 years of meditation experience with yoga and psychological training, Diana guest teaches at InsightLA, Blue Spirit Costa Rica, PESI, Praxis Continuing Education, Yoga Soup and Insight Timer Meditation. She is on the board for the Institute for Better Health, and blogs for Psychology Today and Mindful.org. Diana practices what she preaches in her daily life as a mom of two boys and bee guardian. Go to drdianahill.com or her channels on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (@drdianahill) to learn more.

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